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   After WW2 it was decided to interconnect Alytus with soviet railway system rebuilding earlier dismantled by stepping back german forces siding from Alytus to Sestokai instead of restoring Alytus - Varena section (avoiding the demand of building a bridge across the Neman in Alytus). Railway branch to Alytus revived again 3 August 1959. And again military interests were important - paratroopers' regiment settled in the old artillery barracks (3) in Alytus needed railway.

  Alytus in Second Half of 20th Century
  During soviet era being industrial centre of southern Lithuania Alytus started to grow fast, thus passenger diesel-trains arrived in Alytus 4 times a day. Workers from outskirts took these trains mostly. Regardless tenuous improvement of railroad line, amount of goods traffic increased.

  In 1970s the idea of rebuilding railway line to Varena revived. In fact this time railway should belt the town from south, cross the Neman along new bridge and later coalesce with the old railway bed and extend to Varena. Therefore in early 1980s two railway stations appeared in Alytus – an old one (1) in town and a new one Alytus 2 (2) passenger platform at west margin of Alytus close to northern industrial area. The old station still funtioned as passengers and goods terminal. When buildings raised near Alytus 2 passenger platform, new passenger station was opened. After the official opening on 20 June 1984 passenger trains used to arrive to the new station only. Suburban buses used to ride from the town to the new passenger station.
  The old station was for goods only and worked for paratroopers regiment, petrol distribution base, machinery plant, solid fuel base and other enterprises located in the south industrial area.
  Eventually, despite absence of required facility, new station began operate as freights station also. 
On station's tracks compositions were formed, carriages were loaded directly at enterprises.

  In 1993 Russian millitary forces together with Alytus' paratroopers regiment were withdraw
n from Lithuania, thus railway branch lost military significance. Economical importance of the railway sectioning Alytus also decreased.
  On 14 March 1997 at 4 PM the last train departed from the old station and unneeded track through the town was dismantled. Instead of it walking and cycling pathway was built. The old railway station building is disused.

  On 23 March 2001 the last passenger train departed from new station to Kaunas. Although the new used as freight station part of station' tracks are dismantled. The timbered sleepers track to Sestokai is in disrepair. Passengers' lobby is used for the other needs.


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