Remains of railway bridge across the Merechanka (Merkys)
near Orany

   In 1894 laying Orano-Olita railway 7 verst from Orany station, bridge across the Merechanka river was constructed.
   Iron bridge has two shore spans roughly 5 m long and central span some 42 m (140 feet) long. One way deck bridge truss rested on collapsible abutments.
  Superstructure was late during the construction, therefore railway squads temporarily spanned clearance with Eiffel prefabricated bridge' superstructure.

   Bridge was exploded during Polish invasion to Vilnius region in 1920.

  The part of the exploded truss was used for construction of narrow gauge railway bridge across Sventoji river in Anyksciai in 1936. Administration line between Lithuania and Poland was set along Merkys (pol. - Mereczanka) in late 1920, therefore the other part of span accrued to Poland.

Tipical drawing of supports of analogous bridge
Side view and section


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